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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  June 26, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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neil: i have gone viral, or vile? >> it the president trying to establish lawlessness in u.s. is a big. neil: george w. bush did the same, i'm saying each side claiming it is a waste of time, waste of time. >> we need to do is defund the executive branch. neil: think about what you are saying, defund the executive branch, if democrats said we'll defund president bush, you would have laughed them out, we -- i think democrats will be in their right min mind to laugh you out.
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>> the house has the power of the purse, this is not a small power, we can do this, i hurt your frustration, we can impeach the elected officials, that have broken the lou, an law and they. neil: bottom line is now is not ththe time to sue, especially a lawsuit that is going to go nowhere. iraq out of control, v.a. v.a m. immigration, now so bad, that hundreds, of kids come here without parents, we have to decide what to do with them, so much is going on, republicans best response for the time, we'lwe'll see you mr. president because of -- sue you mr. president because of your executive orders, i am saying both parties o are to blame for
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the mess. they are not doing a thing to address the mess. charlie, what do you think of this approach to sue? it might be a valid argument, but i think it is a waste of time. >> i agree. what is most disappointing my generation is experiencing a war on us, there is a war on youth, trillions of dollars of debt pushed on my generation, what is the g.o.p. doing? suing president obama? is that most important thing to do right now? they might have a lot of legitimate claims, 66% of obamacare has been changed but when my generation, and youth and the rest of the nation is in blames, this is disappointing. neil: sabrina. >> this is a sharp relief by public opinion. so low, i was disappointed in
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michele bachmann, i have seen her as someone who standed for small republican values, limited government, virtue, these are important but they get distracted from those with this political theater we need to push aside. neil: david, you disagree? >> i disagree. the fact -- i give you 3 reasons why, supreme court just had a decision today, recess appoint am that president made are illegal. not me saying this, this is the supreme court, illegal. two, i have a book in my hand, all kinds of reasons why, that president should be impeached. neil: come on. >> allow me to finish. john turley, a liberal democrat said, i am quoting there is no license for going it alone in our system, john turley, i think that president has crossed the
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constitutional line. andrew mccarty and supreme court of u.s., and david asman disagree. neil: and president bush was president, and issued far more executive orders. >> yes, and no. hold on. president bush did was put forward these orders, but this president is changing the laws, with obamacare he is not issueing executive orders but changing the specifics of the law, that is illegal. neil: that is going nowhere fast, time is wasting. >> supreme court is deciding on suing issues. neil: sabrina. >> i am sim theftic to -- sympathetic to david, we have a ballooning administrative state, and the executive orders are out of control, they should be limited.
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certainly michele bachmann is responding, i think that problem with political theater, pushing out real conversation about what needs to happen, i think that is where th the divide is. neil: and david, we raise a number of points, regardless of president, i worry about the frequency over the years, that is neither here more there, i am most concerned about how it looks, if you look at little bital fallout from that charlie, i am hearing and your generation might say, so, what are republicans doing for us? oh, they are suing the president of united states they are suing the white house. a lot of good that will do. >> i agree with you know the other guests that president has been attributeing a lot of lawlessness the last 5 years, but will suing him stop it, and look at fallout, what are american populous going to look at, headlines is g.o.p. sues president obama, is that message
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they want. >> if you rely on washington post and new york times to support the g.o.p. you be waiting a long time. neil: they are or not? >> you believe valid reason? >> people have sued -- >> billions that we're adding to our debt each day, you have a son who serves our country proudly, you know methods going on at v.a., don't you think that addressing either of those, gains precedent over talking abouting weling well legal lega. neil: >> the president is about to act on his own from immigration. on his own, he does not care whether he is violateing the law, he has to be stopped.
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neil: there is a lot of contempt for president. i just think that there are better ways to use your time and energy. >> you know, we're stuck between a rock and a hard place, every time david speaks. -- he also a man whoment who was practical response, what can we actually do to improve the economy. and improve veterans affairs. >> when john turley who is a liberal democrat, voted for obama and the supreme court are against him on this, you say he is acting against the law. neil: here is what i want you to do. >> it is time to sue. neil: next republican comes in and democrats chase he or she down for abuse of executive orders i better see you first in line saying sue the s.o.b. >> i have never seen a president
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violate laws that have already been voteed on by congress like this president we have right now. >> last thing, i agree this president has been lawless, but this will not stop him, g.o.p. needs to win the messageing war, not just get involved -- >> you have to put out the fire, then rebuild the house. >> american people wil will noty that. >> put out the fire. neil: we didn't start the fire. >> that is right we didn't. but we have to put it out. neil: when we come back, your reaction, you can use hash tag cavuto, or e-mail us. we're getting quite a bit. isis, what is going on with this terrorist group that has combined a number of terrorist groups? so bad that elements of al qaeda fear them, iran fears them, yria is now bombing parts of iraq to get rid of them. when bad guys want to have
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nothing to do and destroy these guys, game over. but it is what they are up to now that has folks more scared, after this. ♪
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always connected, wherever you are. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours. neil: you know a lot of folks just a few weeks ago had no idea what isis was but a lot moreer discovery what it is about. who these terrorists are about, they are so terrorizeing that iran is getting involved, syria is getting involved, they fear that an iraq under their rule, will be bad for everyone. so bad guys are afraid of these bad guys, these bad guys are recruiting more bad guys just lick them. -- like them. former cia operative clair lopez, why is this a big deal, why should we be worried, why are they worried?
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what -- why should this be alarming? >> it is a big deal, what isis is doing islamic state in iraq and syria, it is not a terrorist group, it is a group, a coalition, but a jihad army at-this-point. what they are doing is no less than upsetting the order in the mideast. eraseing borders attacking over great swaths of territory between syria and iraq now west toward jordan and perhaps saudi arabia, it is chaos and instability that's is getting people's attention. neil: let's follow this worse case. they takeover iraq then>> well,l first of all, we're looking at is a intraislamic sectarian
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fight, between sunnis and shiites it goes back 1300 plus years. neil: i am trying to understand who we root for. >> america. >> who is on our side who should we support. >> we look first to american national security interest, gee shadi a-- gee jihadi a, and ge t much to choose between them. between the two, there is not much to choose, we look to our national security interest, stability, make sure that american lives are safeguarded or evacuated if they need. neil: you are the expert, a lot of americans look at this, and say, you know, no matter how long we have been watching this same deal, same confusion. same nonsense.
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why keep being involveed? >> it does not get better, you are right. and the involvement of u.s., goes back to a mistaken idea we could change these people, we could demock rahtize them, that is not going to happen. >> clair very good read. it is worrisome. when we come back, i knew this was going to happen, i so knew. i am not sharpest tool of in shed. once you go after the redskins, not long until you go after oh, i don't know cleveland indians, but as there ar$9 billion lawsu?
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neil: i so knew this was going to happen, as soon as they remove trademark from 6 different redskin protected patent names you knew it was just a matter of time before they go after other controversial names, you could see a racist tin race pink to te detractors. and now the cleveland indians, a number of native americans find that offensive. where is this going? bruce? this particular suit first off? >> well, i think it is clear, advertisers have decided or in process of deciding it does not make sense this will be cus cuss
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last stand, i don't know why these teams don't get out ahead, and make positive changes. neil: you think already that advertisers will step back, even from associates with the indians or braves or hawks? we could go on and on. >> that is a great question, where do you draw the line, you have viewers who think that offensive part of the name of washington redskins is the name washington, i don't know where you draw the line. >> they should change it to maryland led skins. >> i have a bottle of poland springs water, advertisers care not about controversy, they care about people that give them money, so, soon as they see tide shifting, they are gone.
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and when it happens, ownering will realize their advertisers is more important than this legacy they are fighting for, they will change. neil: you know, i guess, anything could otpepbgd you, i am half irish, i look at notre dame, they are nope as fighting irish, what is this? a drunk lep ra well -- leprecha, where do we go with this? >> i guess we're going? >> yeah, absolutely, it doesn't matter, what your opinion is. it does not matter what your opinion is viewers, it is who paying the bill. neil: dave? >> he is right. another example is new york yankees, i am a yankee, i was born in northeast, my name on oc je-- i was hoping it would be
11:22 pm
against the atlanta braves. as absurd as we nam name-calling circumstance this just comes down to business. neil: sabrina, if he is right, and dave is right, say matter of time before teams change logoers on mascots or just everyone. to satisfy advertisers, or sponsors who are going to get cold feet? >> i agree, what is the logical end of this? david and i were talking about this i am from los angeles, there is a slew of cities in southwest we might have to apologist because i think that athiests won't like them, san bernardino, san fernando valley, los angeles, san diego. where do we draw the line? can we have a conversation among people who live here, it is not clear, for everyone who is a fan of cleveland indians are
11:23 pm
offended by this name. there are thousands of people. neil: doesn't their palace cot run through the -- palace do the run througmatt cotmascot runthr. charlie, we have better things to do? you could file a lawsuit, but when i saw harry reidic to to i take to the floor. to say that it is time for washington redskins to do the right thing, when iraq was imploding, i said that is it empire gone. >> it is outrageous, just, fact that our senate and this president addressed head on and refuse to address the fact that iraq is on verge of being taken over and v.a. is inflames and a marine jailed in mexico but the most important thing on their agenda is changing the name of the redskins, i agree some teams
11:24 pm
might be forced because of advertisers but bigger markets like chicago blackhawks there will be more resistance because of local heritage of people loving that name, smaller markets like cleveland and kansas city, they rely on outside company advertisement. and chicago uniteed airlines is one of the biggest supporters of chicago blackhawks. neil: your argument on that, is change now it will drag with you. >> light, and i think there is as market, audience gets older, millennials become the audience, looks at demographics you find tolerant is important to them, where we can sit around could and say this is r, better thing -- ridiculous, better things to do, irrelevant, market is cam -pcomingcares. they care. >> neil: charlie doesn't.
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>> i think we have to be careful, we're walking on a fine line of what tolerance is and diversity, so much is wrapped up in a faux diversity it is okay to be one thing but not another, i don't think that people believe that, people of cleveland are somehow racist, this is an attempt to pad pockets of trial lawyers, this is a $9 billion suit. neil: >> and a whole new group of experts, there was a term psycho graphics, a whole new group that everyone will have to hire, not a good new world. neil: ridiculous, thank you. when we come back, you know, we're always told, get ready for retirement. and a couple in retirement, you hate each other, yelling screaming money is not your problem, not killing the other unlimited cash back. let that phrase sit with you for a second.
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♪ neil: you know, there is only one thing worse getting close to retirement and not being financially ready, into retirement and not being close to ready for it. what such couples to, and we are hearing that a lot more are in a pickle. what do you tell them? >> well, i believe, first of all, we are a self indulgent society who always wants to take care of the immediate instead of think about the future. very few people willing to sacrifice their current lives in favor of saving for retirement. and you know, the other problem is that people don't have a clue how much money in retirement is really going because the. i spent 15 seconds on one this morning and found a dozen retirement calculators, all which are very hopeful. it takes a lot more than people think it is ever going to. and they do not understand that when they are saving for
11:30 pm
retirement, a lot of unexpected things can happen. the kids are going to move in with you probably. neil: i know how you feel about that. one thing i do know is we are getting a lot more couples who are retired discover what you just said now, and they are in that people now. what do you tell them the size of the fighting that is causing? >> the first thing is, you have to adjust your lifestyle. i don't care where you are. you need to adjust your lifestyle to make sure that you can really afford the lifestyle you're living. you probably have to downsize, eat out of whole lot less often, probably have to drive a smaller car, cut back on vacations, really look at how you're spending your money. neil: a lot of people don't understand that there can be differences in couples. one likes to spend that one does not in the bill. >> reconcile. >> even then. how you spend your money in
11:31 pm
retirement, probably arguing about it your entire marriage. people need to communicate about how they spend their money. the problem is, when they do communicate there is lot of financial infidelity. people will not tell you the truth about how much money they earn, what they have, where they spend it, and how much they're spending. the best thing you can do is get honest with each other about in mud. neil: well said. tough message from mr. tough love. it consistent on this. all right. it is one thing for the irs to say it has lost e-mails, but for the epa to say that it is missing documents, furthermore it might be hiding documents? what is so supersecret year? it is not the nsa. it is the epa. what is this? a smokestack that no one knows about? the congressmen demanding
11:32 pm
answers. ♪
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♪ >> this is the most transparent administration in history, the most transparent white house in history, this has been the most transparent government, most transparent administration that we have seen in a very, very long time, perhaps in the modern era. neil: i am, perhaps, the most physically fit anchor. [laughter] okay. maybe not. really? keeping up with this story? now the epa, the epa, not exactly an organization that would have a reason to keep secrets is not handing over documents to a congress that just wants to get a check back here on what is going on. republican congressman mark med house is demanding answers. on the heels of the irs and
11:36 pm
missing e-mails and other material that it will not give you guys. now, of course, the epa. i am wondering why they're not cooperating and what is you want to see. >> well, we have two days where we have had to federal agencies that have not followed the law and we have missing e-mail. really it is all about missing e-mails and the possibility of collusion with regard to some intervention that the epa did up in alaska. so we need to get those e-mails to make sure that we can get to the bottom of it. they have failed to produce them neil: what have they said, why they cannot produce them? >> well, miraculously we found another hard drive that had issues. neil: are you kidding me? >> another hard drive. and their council admitted this under questioning yesterday. and so they are still trying to recover them. to our knowledge, there was no backup, no printed out copy, as
11:37 pm
required by law. and so it is is very troubling for a transparent administration. neil: leaving what the administration has said it would do and be and is clearly not, and wondering, obviously they can say there would be afraid of having these documents over. they are afraid of handing them over. what might be revealed that would prompt them to go to these ec's is? >> well, i think potentially what we are looking for, it looks like that may be a biologist kind of employer did some activist to request the epa to intervene in a particular permiting process. if it is an epa employees trying to get an outside. neil: that is a no-no. >> no, you can't do that. neil: it is also illegal. congressman, thank you very much >> thanks. neil: in case you did not hear,
11:38 pm
the joining with an increase in the minimum wage. it wants to hike everyone's minimum wage. are these the guys putting horse meat in the swedish meatballs with serb that some store? i'm thinking first focus on the court -- forcemeat in the swedish meatballs. then we can debate about putting -- pay workers who put the horse meat in the swedish meatballs more. just force and around. after this. keeping a billion customers a year flying, means keeping seven billion transactions flowing. and when weather hits, it's data mayhem. but airlines running hp end-to-end solutions are always calm during a storm. so if your business deals with the unexpected, hp big data and cloud solutions make sure you always know what's coming - and are ready for it. make it matter.
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♪ neil: all right. i think have got a theory on this, and i am going to stick to it, the minimum wage thing. many are raising it right now on their own and taking pre-emptive action that the goal is to shame other companies into doing this. ikea is the latest to follow the gap. now, some wrinkles that it would
11:42 pm
vary depending upon the region and how pricey, but bottom line, they are raising it. i thought of ikea because i think they were the same big retailer that had problems with the swedish meatballs. mr. ed some house met again. they had worse me. i am thinking to myself, self, first it mr. ed out of the meatballs. then we will debate payment. that's just me. obviously the sponsorship has offered to help show. the goal is to shame others into hiking their minimum wage as well. will it happen? >> i don't know, but there is an interesting second part will point out, these big corporations like mcdonald's that are coming out in favor of higher minimum wage, we have to realize that it is not necessarily the bigger cost. for a small mom-and-pop store on main street a minimum wage hike
11:43 pm
in a public policy says would really negatively harm them. what these companies are trying to do is get ahead of the curve, get it anticipated so that when they're is a minimum wage hike in congress they're already there and mom-and-pop go out of business. neil: you are too young to be that jaded. he is right to say their is a big difference between a large retailer hiking them minimum wage and monopods. >> of course. it might not only put them out of business but at the same time a place like mcdonald's might introduce an act to replace the job altogether. you know what, raise the minimum wage. we don't even need people. and let's also be careful. companies like the gap, it is great to feel high and mighty, but just a couple of months ago they were under intense scrutiny for their sweat shops overseas. neil: the young people have a
11:44 pm
very nasty -- >> first of all, i like their swedish meatballs. secondly, would have had a stick of furniture if it had not been for katie -- ikea. but certainly this is better than obama's one size fits all plan, is 39%. neil: they are all caving. >> if they decide they can squeeze their profit margin to the point where they can pay their workers a little more money. [inaudible] bring on the horse meat. i liked the last time. neil: it tastes like chicken. all right. welcome the bottom line, you will see more doing this. pushing and pushing. they're is a district in california. >> that is government. neil: i am joining them all together. we are going to be grateful if the minimum wage ends up just being $0.10 an hour.
11:45 pm
that is where this is going. >> absolutely. when you see these companies tried to set this precedent i think sabrina is right. you are seeing the advanced mechanization of labor. $15 an hour for the now five employees that will work at the gap store and saw the the 15 that or because they will have automated checkout machines for the clothes and all these different ways to mechanize labor. so short, $15 an hour sounds good. now there will be a machine making your horse of swedish meatballs. >> and, of course -- sorry, go ahead. >> absolutely. the advance of mechanization will raise minimum wage. >> the people who will hurt the most of the people that charlie is interested in, were skilled, younger employees trying to break into the job market. women will be at a disadvantage. those jobs will be gone first. the bottom line of what they are just ignoring is that we
11:46 pm
increase the minimum wage and it increases the cost of hiring. >> when it is mandated. hold on. that is only when it is mandated by the government. they make up their mind that it is good business to pay their workers more. it is bad business, there will be out of business. swedish meatballs is not. >> if they are doing it to set the precedent and put pressure on businesses that cannot afford it, that will be a net loss for workers. >> we'd so your workers are old enough to make the minimum wage. i am glad when they find a way. neil: my daughter just retired. it is a little goofy. apparently it is huge. maybe it surprises me. the off the chart ratings and attention this is getting all over the world, but especially our country and a lot of the sponsorship deals.
11:47 pm
what is going on? >> i am loving washington personally. they're is a certain romanticism this year. we were super underdog spirit our best player did not even make the team, but yet we are at the huge underdog and overcome in a true american sense. neil: the argue was it could not be that big because they don't stop. it is nonstop. furthermore, it takes a long time to get a goal or whenever. but my point was, i don't even understand how we are still in that damn thing when we lose. but is the education process part of it? what is behind it? >> part of it is that there are big groups -- i grew up every saturday morning, every kid in southern california was playing soccer. now they are grown up and i like watching it. i take my own kids to soccer game. they are interested in watching this. it continues to grow here. maybe replacing football and baseball. >> i do not like it.
11:48 pm
i don't care if we win. i am with you. they are still cheering about it i don't understand. >> gold. >> and they changed. we were winning until the refs came in and said give the other team five extra minutes. >> drama, the biting, falling down, groaning. >> get that man as soccer helmet. we roared and you ripped. waste of time. waste of time. >> what we need to do is defund >> what we need to do is defund the executive branch. [ laughter ] smoke? nah, i'm good. [ male announcer ] celebrate every win with nicoderm cq, the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq.
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you are gonna need a wingman. and my cash back keeps the party going. but my airline miles take it worldwide. [ male announcer ] it shouldn't be this hard. with, it's easy to search hundreds of cards and apply online.
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♪ neil: waste of time. waste of time. >> so we need to do, what we need to do is defund the executive branch. neil: wait. what you are saying, defund the executive branch. >> listen. of the house has the power of the purse. this is not a small power.
11:52 pm
we can do this. we can do something further. what we can do for there is in beach the elected officials. neil: rome is burning, and you are smiling. >> that is keeping them -- what else are we going to do. >> what is the deal? neil: and what is the deal with my getting nasty with michele bachmann. i am forgetting that congresswomen and congress back to business at hand. to many of you insist that i got out of line. did you bump your head? is serious concussion, did i accidentally select the the wrong channel and see you hosting ms nbc. i am done with you. i have been a big fan at yours for years until today. i will not 210 anymore. again in north carolina, the real truth is that you are such a simpleton that coward, as everyone saw the show today.
11:53 pm
get off the air, you waste a flash. just say it. what do you want me to do? don't beat around the bush. hey, quit interrupting your guests. this show is not about you. it really? in one visit have my name on it? the -- overweight and out of line. what a rude interview. you were an, and i and then watching your show. shut up and let your best finish stop but again. take your medspeak you are and as. well, this just keeps popping up get off the air. i will go to cnn for the first time frame from ron. well, have fun. charlie in new york, really thought that you had more tact than a jackass, but i guess you don't. well, i guess not, charlie. you are a moron. shut your mouth. i hope fox fries you those guys
11:54 pm
are the model. have a blast. by the way, nice name. what is it, restaurant? then there is fail to e-mails w surprise me. great interview. keeping it real. shut up and let her talk. you need to be fired. you are nothing more than a root a beggar and loudmouth. you act like a child. good calling names, you overweight to list the phone. rose in arizona, i love your interview. finally someone says it like it is. what to the fools in washington not concentrate on issues that are important instead of wasting time on issues that never go anywhere. well, that was my point. bill in tennessee, the response surprised me that hit me as something that was to a long time ago. i must admit that i am not a regular viewer of your show but might change. i was so impressed with the way
11:55 pm
you spoke to michele bachmann by asking her to clarify her previous remarks and gained new insight into your work. you really slipped when you called her silly. would you ever call on male silly? well, actually, i have called them far worse. take a look. [inaudible conversations] neil: the reality. no, no. the fact is. [inaudible conversations] >> are you deaf? i just told you. the choice is not yours. >> this conversation is going nowhere. >> why would you play this game like that? we've it alone. >> there's a lot of stupid hypotheticals. >> the president said that we should take the all of the above
11:56 pm
approach. kennedy: i just talked to a guy who says he knows more than you do. he's not having that. >> is that a mistake and that. >> you have no idea. >> i think you don't have an idea. speak you tell me how that works? how is he doing it? speak you see, everyone hates me. neil: in the meantime, i talked to sharon, she says those people are just being plain old mean that. you look adorable in pink. and i love your common sense and your hair covering your smart head. keep it up, because you make me swoon. and sandy says, hey, good job
11:57 pm
with the reform. i think these politicians should work out their differences and get something done. rome is burning and they're fighting over who is going to ride shotgun. and that's my point, quit filing and start doing. both sites are doing. and your confrontation with michele bachmann is the best kind of journalism that i have seen in a long time. you are not a knee-jerk conservative. and i just want them getting stuff done. i'm not red or blue come i look at the green in our country. that is what drives me. and another viewer says if we don't stop the abuse of the executive orders, we might as well become a kingdom run by king obama. and suing him over that will be what?
11:58 pm
and then another individual says some don't agree with you, they are in agreement with michele bachmann. so i should be with them? i disagree. and ed says i've had a man crush on you for years and i'm straight. what are you doing going after michele bachmann? are you nuts, or are your colors finally beginning to fly? i have no idea what you meant. you face in her show will never darken my tv again. enron in pennsylvania says you have a lot of credibility to else up over the years, i hope it was worth it. we will be watching you anymore. for one interview? and caboodle, you are rude, take a long vacation. make friday and hope you never get a vacation. and had i been michele bachmann, i would've walked out of your shell. and had i been as thin-skinned
11:59 pm
as you, well, i would have just turned to another show and quit bothering. and what is wrong with you, mr. neil cavuto. are you planning to go to msnbc? well, you're onto me. so obvious. and another individual says i suspect your mets need adjusting. no, they do not come and you can go to hell. [laughter] >> on no child us to respond this way too childish e-mails. the bottom line, i say nothing against the congressman, nothing against republicans or democrats, but when we play these kinds of games, we keep suing each other with no hope of ever seeing that properly filed, we are wasting time. trillions of dollars in debt and we add ilium's each hour of each day of each week.
12:00 am
right or left, just wrong. and that's not my medications. that is >> tomorrow. repumingry powerful house and spec coming out of against the imports exports bank. >> something beard and remarkable is happening inw washington. more politicians are taking are a clear stance -- stand is corporate welfare. >> yes some of us do. >> it is wrong for the government to choose the winners descanted your money to the corporation and. >> that is what the import/export bank does for the new majority leader says the private sector could do that. >> they needed to be authorized. >> every other


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